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I Did Not Start as a Coupes Therapist

Would it surprise you to learn that I did not start my career as a therapist working with couples? Well, it's the truth.

I actually began my therapy career working with children and adolescents. I loved it. I really enjoyed working with teens as they developed their identity and formed their own thoughts and opinions. I still enjoy this work. But for some reason, I found myself intrigued by relationships and wanting to learn more about how to work with couples.

Sometimes I'm surprised at the work I do now because it's different than what I was doing starting out. I was convinced I would be known as a teen therapist and would spend the rest of my career helping teens discover their identity. But really, I shouldn't be surprised that I love working with couples and that I spend most of my therapy time doing this.

Back in my undergrad program, I conducted a research study on First Date Social Scripts which was basically observing if there are social norms we follow on a first date. 10 years ago I was interested in relationship dynamics and here I am today still curious and desiring to learn about them. I even took a class in grad school that was an elective focused on couples counseling because I wondered what it was like, how it was different, and what the research said.

I'm grateful for where I started. Working with teens is also working with relationships-their relationships with their parents, their friends, dating partners, teachers. It was the first step that led me to now. When people ask me how long I've been working with couples, I often wonder if they think it hasn't been long enough. I'm reminded that all of my work though has been helping increase positive and effective communication skills, reducing conflict and managing it in healthier ways, and helping people voice their needs with those they care about.

So, yes, I've only been, technically, working with couples for a year. But I've been building up to this work for over a decade. I've been learning, exploring, and trying out the skills we work on together and I know I can help you.

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