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The Gottman Method

The Gottman Method is a popular couples therapy model designed by John and Julie Gottman and the research they have conducted on what makes marriage work for the last 40+ years.

The Gottman Method is a popular couples therapy modality used by many of our team members. Researchers and therapists, John and Julie Gottman, have studied couples for the last 40+ years and discovered what creates stability in relationships and what leads to divorce.

Through their research, they discovered the 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work and created a structured couples counseling method to help couples overcome the obstacles and challenges they face in their relationship.


When you work with our team using the Gottman method, you will work through the Sound Relationship House which encompasses the skills and exercises in order to have a satisfying and connective relationship. The goal is to help you create your own plan for ensuring your marriage can last a lifetime and allow you to grow old and grey together. We know that requires practicing and implementing communication and conflict frameworks as well as increasing your ability to connect intimately with one another. 

Many couples enjoy learning about and implementing the Gottman Method because they have tangible tools they can use outside of the therapy room and not only while they are in session. Our goal is to equip you with these tools, assist you in practicing them, and discover how to implement them into your daily life. 

Watch this video to hear more about The Gottman Method.

What do sessions look like?

The first session is what we call the Oral History Interview. Both you and your spouse share the story of how you met up until today--the joys, the lows, the transitions--as well as your family backgrounds and view of what makes a relationship work.

The second and third session is the individual interview where the therapist hears more of your individual perspective of what is bringing you to therapy and your hopes and goals for the work. We also learn more about your family of origin background, mental health history, and other factors that may be impacting the satisfaction of your relationship

Between the oral history and individual interview sessions, you are also completing the Gottman Relationship Questionnaire which helps the therapist gather additional information to best support your goals and hopes for couples counseling.

The final session during the assessment process is going over the treatment plan the therapist has personalized for you in connection to the Sound Relationship house. The goal of this is to lay a foundation of what will be practiced and implemented in the therapy sessions and to personalize the work you will do in couples counseling. 

After the assessment sessions, you will dive into the work with your couples therapist and being to practice, implement and personalize the skills and frameworks needed to build your relationship stronger.


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