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Affair & Trust Recovery

Guided therapeutic support and care for finding healing and repair after betrayal has happened in your relationship.

It is possible to repair and reconnect after betrayal in your relationship. 

For couples who have experienced the impacts of broken trust and commitment, we provide a process of healing and repair focused on developing a stronger, healthier, and honest relationship. 

We guide you through our Trust Revival Method which is provided in three stages. We help you recognize and address the trauma from shattered trust and move forward toward healing at a pace that fosters genuine repair.

Stage 1: Atone
In this stage, we navigate through understanding the roots of broken trust and identifying the steps needed to rebuild it without getting lost in the triggering details and experience. Respect, patience, and reducing destructive communication patterns are paramount in this process. Many times couples want to jump into fixing the relationship and skip over this step of understanding what led to the relationship foundation being fractured or broken. We work with both of you to ensure that defensiveness and emotional reactions do not block honest and transparent communication. This stage is necessary to start with to ensure the building in stage 2 can be solid and secure.
Stage 2: Attune
We call this relationship or marriage 2.0 building. Our therapists walk you through building a new relationship together that includes the healthy parts of your previous dynamic and introduce new, effective, and connective relationship patterns that help create strong trust and commitment. We explore the dynamics of your relationship and enhance conflict management skills to fortify your bond. During this stage, we acknowledge the importance of reassurance and mutual commitment, recognizing the trust-building is a collaborative effort marked by waves of progress and setbacks. 
Stage 3: Attach
The final stage of this process is focused on rediscovering the rituals of connection and intimacy, forging a stronger, more resilient bond together. You will establish clear boundaries and consequences that reinforce the commitment to your renewed relationship and safeguarding against future turmoil. Our therapists help strengthen the skills developed in stage 2 and create your own relationship maintenance process to ensure trust and commitment deepen and strengthen for a lifetime.

Repair and trust recovery takes time. Our team is focused on developing a long-term healing process for your relationship that moves you from brokenness to wholeness.

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