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Our Mission

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Connected Couples Counseling began out of a desire to help couples have sustainable relationships that allow them to grow old and grey together. The clinicians on our team are passionate about walking couples through healthy relationship skills and also creating a unique system that works for each couple sitting in front of them as no one relationship is exactly the same. The focus of our work is on developing what works for the couple and getting rid of what does not. The couples who come to us leave feeling a deep connection, trust, and belief that they will be old and grey together one day, and feel confident they can maintain the relationship they desire and need. 


The couples who come to our group desire to find a connection with their partner that is passionate, playful, and pleasurable. They want to honor the commitment they made to one another and appreciate it. These couples know they created a life dream together. When they start therapy, that dream feels dull and the goal is that when they leave therapy they feel vibrant and alive in the dream they are building and living with their partner. We take couples from only seeing the negative and the pain to seeing their partner with new eyes that can see love, trust, faith, and security. 


Our group practice helps clients understand what is blocking them from having full safety, security, trust, and intimacy together. We help couples take ownership of each of their parts and come together to work as a team against the problems that arise in their life versus fighting one another about the issue. We believe in trial and error to help couples truly figure out a sustainable system and connection that works for them. 


With the focus on sustainability for our couples, we also hold this focus for our team. We are developing a business and culture that places this at the forefront and truly challenges clinicians to figure out what allows them to be sustainable in their work as a therapist. The goal is to not burn out but to keep the spark alive for helping and guiding couples to health which starts with our clinicians first. We want our clinicians to feel valued, supported, and connected on the team. We also want their families to feel supported in the work as the weight of being a therapist is real. The sustainability focuses for couples and clinicians will be explored and prioritized in supervision, team meetings, and yearly reviews. We will also practice the trial and error approach that we do with our couples in our therapy work too-exploring what is working, and what is not, and finding creativity in our therapeutic work. 


The group practice owners are also incorporating a sustainability mindset into their leadership. We believe that the owners and directors need to be the model of sustainability and that they need to prioritize leadership development which includes mentorship, continuing education, staff reviews, and therapy. We practice what we preach. We welcome feedback, growth opportunities, and creativity in the workspace.

Positions Available

We have the following positions available. Please click on each link for the job description and application information. We look forward to hearing from you!

Full-Time Therapist (Fully Licensed and/or Associate Level) No positions are currently available at this time. Please feel free to reach out if you are interested to inquire about future openings.

Clinical Intern

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