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Relationship Classes
& Workshops

When therapy may not be feasible, our classes and workshops can be a way of growing and developing your relationship.

While we are big believers in the personalized care and support of providing couples counseling, we also know that the time and financial commitment is not always feasible for each couple. Our practice set a goal to offer more workshops and classes to provide another way to support couples and individuals outside of therapy sessions.

Our goal is to provide classes, workshops, and training quarterly. If you are seeking a different way to grow your relationship outside of therapy sessions, we encourage you to consider the offerings we have.

Bringing Baby Home

The BBH Workshop is a comprehensive, research-based, and research-tested psychoeducational program dedicated to improving the quality of life for babies and children by strengthening their families. Our workshop spans six-sessions, each designed to empower you and your partner with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the transition to parenthood successfully.

7 Principles for Making Marriage Work 
This program is designed to equip couples with proven tools to enhance various aspects of their relationship and build a foundation for a harmonious and enduring connection. The Seven Principles Couples Program is structured to include engaging lectures and private couple exercises. A crucial aspect to highlight is that participants will not be required to share their personal problems in front of others. Your privacy is paramount, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for growth and exploration.
Prepare/Enrich Training
Become a certified Prepare/Enrich facilitator by attending our virtual or in-person workshop. You will learn how to utilize the Prepare/Enrich assessment with couples to provide personalized insights and relationship feedback. The workshop will provide time to learn and train with other facilitators, ask questions along the way, and tailor the workflow to your unique way of working and engaging with couples.
Organization Workshops

Providing mental health in the workspace is becoming a needed support for many businesses and organizations. Our team has provided numerous virtual and in-person trainings focused on well-being in the workspace and creating healthy relational dynamics amongst leadership and their team. We work collaboratively with your organization to create training and workshops focused on the specific care and needs you have for your community.

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