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Keeping the spark alive requires creativity and a desire to try new things together. 

We have found that our couples desire to be intimate and connected, but sometimes struggle to figure out how to do that. We have also found it is often easier say "No" to something new than take the risk of saying "Yes" and seeing what can happen. So we are here to help! We put together a list of ideas that you can try together to keep things fresh, alive, and new in your relationship.

We've decided on four different categories you can use to try something new together. 

Date ideas

8 different ideas that you can do at home or out of the house to try something new. 


Keeping the spark alive is important. Hopefully these well help!


Prompts and resources that will help you get talking outside of your norm.

Quality Time

Try our our 5 ideas to find more intentional connection.

Ready to Try Something New?
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