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Why Many Couples Therapists Don't Accept Insurance: Exploring the Reasons

At our practice, we often get asked if we accept insurance and the answer is we do not.

We understand that many couples may be hesitant to seek therapy due to concerns about the cost. While there are some therapists that accept insurance for couples' work, we happen to be a practice that does not, and here is why:

  1. Lack of coverage: Insurance companies often do not cover couples therapy, or they may have strict limitations on the number of sessions that are covered. This can make it difficult for therapists to provide the level of care that couples need without compromising their own financial stability. The other side of this is that most insurance companies will ask one of you to be diagnosed as the identified patient versus both of you being identified as the patient. When you are coming to us for relationship support, we believe both of you are the identified patient, and the diagnosis code we use is not accepted by insurance companies.

  2. Confidentiality concerns: Insurance companies require therapists to provide a diagnosis in order to receive reimbursement, which can compromise the confidentiality of the therapy process. This can be particularly problematic for couples therapy, which often involves sensitive and personal issues.

  3. Control over treatment: Insurance companies may require therapists to follow certain treatment protocols or limit the types of therapy that can be provided. This can limit the therapist's ability to tailor treatment to the unique needs of each couple. It is our mission to provide a specialized and unique treatment plan for each couple we work with. The insurance company's requirements do not allow us to honor this value we hold.

  4. Financial considerations: Some therapists may choose not to accept insurance because they are able to set their own rates and have greater control over their income. This can allow them to provide a higher level of care and invest more time and energy into their clients.

At Connected Couples Counseling, we are dedicated to helping your relationship improve and we recognize that finances can be a factor in this. We welcome conversations about the financial limitations and needs you may have. Please reach out to us with questions you may have so we can assist you in receiving the support you need.

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