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Couples Therapy

Relationship counseling for couples to grow in communication, conflict management and connection.

We believe that couples counseling is for all couples, not just couples in distress and despair, but also for couples who want to build a strong foundation for their relationship so they can grow old and grey together.



Areas we work on:


Modalities We Use:

While we use the strength and research of our training backgrounds and modalities with the couples we serve, we are deeply committed to providing a personalized treatment and support plan for your relationship.

We do a deep assessment process with the couples we work with that spans four sessions. Over these sessions, we learn about your relationship story and history, spend time with each of you individually to understand your perspectives, hopes, and goals for couples counseling, and then end the assessment process by walking through a personalized and collaborative treatment process for your relationship.



Imagine a relationship where...
Communication is filled with understanding, validation, and empathy.
Conflict leads to connection and resolution is discovered.
Connection happens daily and you create your own rituals for intimacy that support both of your needs and desires.


Ready To Get Started?

"Most people are going to have two or three marriages or committed relationships in their adult life. Some of us will have them with the same person." - Esther Perel, LMFT

  • Do we have to be married to receive couples counseling?
    We serve a wide range of couples whether its in the dating stage, engagement, newly married, or married for decates as well as long-term committment couples who have not followed the traditional marriage path. Couples Counseling is focused on providing relationship support in whatever stage or with whatever title you have decided to give your relationship.
  • My partner is not sure about doing couples counseling. What should I do?
    One of the reasons we providw a free consultation is so that you and your partner can learn about couples counseling and ask the questions you may have about how it works and what it looks like. We highly recommend you both join the consultation and ask the questions to see if it's a fit. If your partner decides they are not ready for couples counseling, we also provide individual therapy focused on relationship support and growth. While we believe both partners working together is the most effective way to change a relationship, we also find great value in one partner doing individual work to help foster growth in a relationship. Say you decide to pursue individual therapy and your partner decides they would like to couples counseling with you later one, we can assist with providing referrals to one of our team members or colleagues in the community. We will not transition from individual to couples with you if you have moved out the assessment phase of individual therapy. This is to help reduce any sense of colluding or alliance with you that could negatively impact the couples therapy.
  • Will you see each of us individually?
    As part of our assessment process, we do meet with each of you individually to hear each of your hopes and goals for couples counseling and explore your family and mental health history. We will occasionally do an individual session with each of you when appropriate. If we believe individual therapy is needed and you are not already established with an individual therapist we will assist with providing referrals for you. We will not be both your individual and couples therapist simultanousely as it can cause rupture and conflict in the couples therapy work.
  • How do we get started?
    We recommend starting with scheduling a free consultation. You can email to schedule one. Our team is committed to assisting you in finding the best fit therapist for your needs. While we think our team is awesome, we also recognize we are not everyone's cup of tea. We want to support you finding the best fit and a consultation can give you a sense if we are that fit for you. If you truly feel you do not need a consultation, then you can email the admin and request to get started with one of our team members and here about their schedule availability.
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