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Increase your Sexual Intimacy: Tips for Getting In the Mood to Getting It On!

Sexual intimacy is an important part of our relationship health and it looks different for all of us in regards to what we need and desire.

We want to share some out-of-the-box tips for helping you increase your sexual intimacy.

If you love to read, then check out these books:

Tessa Bailey Books-any and all of them

Hannah grace Books

Change of Plans by Dylan Newton

Love, Theoretically by Ali Hazelwood

The Roommate Pact by Allison Ashley

Vacation Wars by Meghan Quinn

Lynn Painter Books

I have personally read the books mentioned above and can 100% state they will increase the steaminess for getting in the mood for sex. (I am a female and these are targeted towards the female population, but men may enjoy them too.)

Create a Playlist for Sex

If you are a musical person, create a Spotify or Apple Music playlist with your partner. Add songs that evoke emotions and feelings of intimacy. You can also search playlists others have made. here's one I created from suggestions others shared on social media in the past.

Talk about your Sex Needs and Desires

One of my favorite resources is the Gottman Card Deck App. You can download it for free and one of the decks is Sex Questions. I highly suggest working through these questions and learning more about your partner's sexual desires and needs. Remember to keep an open mind and be curious about their needs and desires. Your needs and desires do not need to be the same. It is important to share them and explore what they are together.

Do anything but have Sex

Sometimes we put too much emphasis on sex itself so this idea is to focus on doing anything but having sex. You are not allowed to have sex so you have to get creative and lean into others' ways of pleasuring one another. Sexual intimacy is more than just sexual penetration. Get creative and find ways to pleasure one another in consensual ways and see how your sexual intimacy increases.

Partners laying in bed together
Increase your sexual intimacy

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