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3 Ways to Rekindle the Spark in your Marriage

Learning how to keep the spark alive in your marriage is crucial to having a marriage that allows you to grow old together. Many people think saying “I do.” is enough to keep the spark alive, but our relationships require effort and intentionality daily. Here are 3 ideas to help you rekindle the spark:

  1. Schedule weekly date nights: Many people believe weekly date nights won't make a difference, but they will. Having a routine time to connect, play, and talk is critical for any relationship to last for a lifetime. Ideally, you would head out of your house for these dates, but sometimes that is not always feasible so be creative with the dates: picnic in the yard, game night instead of tv time, or create a bucket list together.

  2. Go on a couples retreat: Getting away together can be an amazing way to rekindle the love between the two of you. A couples retreat gives you that opportunity as well as the chance to learn new relationship skills together. Retreats have the perfect balance of rest and play plus time to learn together. You can sign up for my upcoming Couples Retreat here.

  3. Practice gratitude together and separately: Many relationships lose the spark because they stop being grateful for their partner. They focus on all they are not doing right which makes it hard to feel intimate and connected. For the next month, write down 3 things you appreciate, admire or affirm about one another and share them. See the spark rekindle!

Which action step are you taking first?

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