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Holding Hands

Falling in love is the easy part, keeping that love is a different story.

At Connected Couples Counseling, we believe that everyone deserves a sustainable and fulfilling relationship, and we are dedicated to helping couples achieve this goal.

Do you find yourself talking to your friends about how much you miss the romance or excitement your dates used to have?

Have you been fighting over little things and getting stuck in the same disagreements over and over again?

Are you wanting more connection, communication, and desire?

It's normal in relationships to have a constant ebb and flow of connection and disconnection. Our goal is to help you shorten the disconnection time, increase your understanding of one another, and bring you back together in healthy ways.

Your relationship can have that spark it had in the beginning.

You can learn how to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

You can have those romantic, passionate date nights again.

Contact us today for a free 20-minute virtual consultation. We are ready to help you build a stronger relationship!

Waiting Room

1. Schedule a Consult

Click this link to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our therapists. This will take place as a private, virtual 20-minute consult.

2. Let's connect!

During the consultation, we will explore what is bringing you to therapy and give you the chance to ask the therapist about how they work and their background in the field. Our main goal is to help you find a good fit for your therapy needs whether that is with our team or providing you with appropriate referrals.

3. Begin Therapy

If you decide it is a good fit for you, we will begin the therapy work together. We will gain a deeper understanding of your hopes and goals for therapy and work on creating a collaborative, personalized approach to your therapy work.

Meet the Team

Our team is ready to connect and provide the support you are seeking for a stronger relationship.

Rachel Elder

Licensed Mental Health Therapist and Owner

Rachel Elder

I help people who want to reignite the spark in their relationship but fear a bomb may go off instead because they have no idea where to even begin to fix the issues in their relationship. 


Dionne Miller

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

Dionne Miller

I love helping couples who have forgotten to be friends and want to fall in love again.


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