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Introducing Denise Ashcroft-Couples Counseling Therapist

Back in 2020 when Connected Couples Counseling opened (originally known as Rachel Elder Therapy), the vision was to serve couples in the West Seattle neighborhood of Washington State. That vision quickly evolved as the pandemic set in and moving to virtual services was necessary to provide quality care while we awaited how everything would pan out.

The spring of 2023 brought the rebrand and change for this practice to expand to a group practice continuing to serve couples and individuals dealing with relationship challenges in the Washington State area. We are honored to introduce you to the newest clinician of Connected Couples Counseling, Denise Ashcroft.

Couples Counseling Therapist
Denise Ashcroft

Denise is a licensed mental health counselor associated in Washington State with a background in clinical psychology and a robust work experience in a variety of settings attending to the mental health care of individuals and families.

Let us share more about Denise below with the words of her passion and desire to do this work:

"I am a relational human passionate about helping other relationships thrive. Relationships have always been the center of my world. I am a mom of 3 incredible kids who are now young adults in the world. Being a mom has been the biggest gift for me and also a huge journey of developing, understanding, and learning even more about relationships. My parenting journey taught me how to be in a dual-parent role as I was a single mom for a large portion of my children's lives. Each child was different and unique and required learning different parenting skills and strategies. We grew up being a blended family as well. One child with high-functioning autism, one who is highly gifted, and the third who is a creative savant! This may be why I love working with clients who are family planning, parenting, diverse family structures, and blending families.

Whether it's interactions with couples, parents/teens, social, work/school or your personal self-esteem, support and communication can bring about the changes you may be seeking. With an extensive background working with parents and parenting styles, together we can find the balance you and your family life need.

Relationships can be challenging especially when facing past trauma, family of origin, introducing new factors in the equation such as first child, another child or empty nesting! Working with clients who are moving through stages of their relationships is an area I appreciate due to my own life experiences. Having this diverse experience with relationships offers understanding, empathy, and compassion for my clients who are entering, renewing, or restructuring their relationships."

Denise currently has evening and weekend availability to serve clients. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation or begin your therapy journey today!

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