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Building Stronger Marriages

I hit that stage in life where attending Weddings happen much more frequently. In the process of my own marriage, many of my friends began theirs and I have sat and witnessed their commitment to each other. Those vows we make in front of friends and families are strong and deep, yet I often wonder how is the couple supposed to know how to do all those commitments. "For better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health." The words are powerful and they are scary when you really think about it.

Therapy is one way to help live out those vows. You can receive support and guidance on how to grow together rather than apart. You can learn your communication patterns-the healthy and unhealthy ones, set goals for your relationship and have accountability towards them, and receive help through those issues that keep coming up. While I truly believe every couple should try therapy at least once, I also know its a big commitment and its important for both individuals to want to do it.

I'm passionate about helping others and wanted to offer more than just therapy. I wanted to create a space that couples could continue to grow their marriage outside of the therapy office as well as build community with other couples. So I created a facebook group called Building Stronger Marriages. The goal is to create community, have engaging, thought-provoking conversations and to learn about skills and resources for growing your marriage. It's free and open to all types of couples!

If you are not ready for therapy, then this group is great for you to start with! If you have already done therapy and want more support, then this group is for you! If you are not in a relationship but want to learn how to build a strong foundation for your future relationship, then I welcome you as well!

Head on over to Building Stronger Marriages today and join!

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