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Meet Dionne Miller and Rachel Elder-Therapists of Connected Couples Counseling

A deep dive interview with Dionne Miller and Rachel Elder: the therapist team with Connected Couples Counseling. The interview explores how therapists began their therapy journey, their licensure and background differences, what they love about their therapy work, and more. If you've been curious about the journey to become a therapist, this interview is a great one to listen to. What else do you want to know from the behind-the-scenes of being couples therapists?

0:00-1:05 Introduction of who we are

1:05-10:00 The Differences with our Therapy Titles and Backgrounds: LMFTA vs LMHC

10:00-12:00 How we work with couples and explore what is needed in the therapy work

12:00-28:00 What is required to be a therapist? Supervision, Internship, and Practicum; Associate requirements versus fully licensed requirements

28:00-33:00 How do we decide what is in our scope of practice and who we work with?

33:00-38:00 Who do you love working with?

38:00-39:00 What are the benefits of working with someone fully licensed versus an associate?

39:00-47:00 Why do you love being a therapist and what is the hardest part?

47:00-50:00 One thing you want to share about yourself.

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