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Couples Therapy Book Recommendations Vol. 1

I am continuously reading new books about couples therapy and wanted to share my recent reads and thoughts about them.

John and Julie Gottman are the therapists behind the Gottman Method for Couples. They join their friends Doug and Rachel Abrams to guide you through 8 dates to have with your partner. Each conversation comes with a plan to set up the date and has questions to guide you along on your date. I love this book for an active read and action-oriented plan to help you grow your relationship stronger. If you like hands-on learning, then this book is for you!

We know how we like to receive love most of the time and will often love those in our lives by showing them the love we want. This book helps you understand how to show the love your partner is wanting and not just sharing the love you are wanting. There is a quiz you can take here to discover your love language and then read the book to understand more about showing and giving love in your relationship. Make it a date night and take the quiz with your partner and explore your different love languages.

You might start to notice I'm a big fan of John Gottman and the Gottman Method. It's because he has been studying couples and relationships for decades and in his books, he shares the research he has done and how it is connected to his principles. He created a "Love Lab" in Seattle, WA where he would observe couples to help figure out what made relationships work and what made them not work. If you love some research in your reading, then read any book by John Gottman.

I am always looking for recommendations on what I should read next. Do you have any suggestions for me? I'll be back with the next book reviews in a few months!

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