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Working Mom's Group

The weight of your family’s survival has been extremely heavy this past year. You bunkered down at home, became an IT guru overnight and we’re still expected to be a loving, caring, and kind wife/mother/sister/friend/daughter/coworker. 


You focused so much on keeping everyone else healthy and safe and now you are burnt out. You feel exhausted, alone, and defeated. Your temper is short, your patience has disappeared and your energy is minimal. 


If I just described you, then my Working Moms Group is for you. For 10 weeks, you will prioritize yourself and join other working moms to process the impact a world pandemic has on all of us. We will learn new ways to care for yourself and your family that feel sustainable and rewarding. 


Over the next 10 weeks, you will learn how to:

-focus on what matters for your family and stop the comparison game with other moms. 

-renew your ability to care for yourself as well as you do for others. 

-simplify your role as a working mom. 

-create support for yourself. 

We will meet every Thursday from 12:00-1:00 pm beginning January 21st. 10 spots are available. The cost is $600 for the whole 10 weeks. 

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