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Couples Therapy

60-minute sessions $140

90-minute sessions $180

You and your spouse keep having the same

fight over and over again and you want it to


The intimacy you had at the beginning of your relationship has fizzled and you want that fire back. 

You want to start your marriage off strong and know you need tools to help you get there.

If you identify with any of the statements above, it is time to reach out and schedule your free 20-minute phone consultation. I am focused on helping couples increase their communication, understand their conflict resolution styles, and create a marriage that is sustainable and satisfactory. I help couples see their strengths and challenges and discover ways to build stronger together. We will work together to create a strategy to work towards your defined goals and building a strong foundation for your marriage.  

Individual Therapy

50-minute sessions $130 

I want to understand why I keep repeating the same patterns in my relationships.

I want tools to manage my anxiety and make it work for me rather than against me.

I want to know who I am and what my values are.

I provide individual therapy for those wanting to grow their relationships, understand themselves better, and those that desire to have a life that is more fulfilling and satisfying. I enjoy working with individuals who are driven to be their best selves and who want to start by understanding their past and create their ideal future. Reach out for a free 20-minute phone consult today!

Parenting Support

50-minute sessions $130

I want to understand my child and why they do the things that you do.

I don't want to parent the way my parents did with me. I want to be better for my children.

It seems like my child wants nothing to do with me. What am I doing wrong?

I want to feel connected with my children and have a relationship with them, not just be their caregiver.

If you find yourself saying any of the phrases above, parenting support is the right fit for you. The goal of parenting support is not to "fix" your child, the goal is to help you understand them and your relationship. We will work together to explore your own background of being parented and help you achieve the dream parenting style that you want. I will also provide you with skills to use to build a stronger connection with your children and have a relationship with them that is not just focused on meeting their basic needs. Let's chat more to see if parenting support is a fit for you.


60-minute supervision session $100

60-minute group supervision session $50 per

person (2 people per group)

I am currently accepting new supervisee's for

Spring 2020 and have 3 spots available. 

I am a trained supervisor for individuals pursuing a Licensed Mental Health Counselor License. The development of your clinical mind, as well as your passions, is the key to success in a lasting therapy career. I benefited so much from the unique opportunities I have had from my own supervision towards licensure and am passionate about creating space for new therapists beginning their journey. 

In the first two years of graduating with my MACP, I worked in community mental health, started and ended a private practice and joined a group practice. I understand the diverse routes that can be pursued and want to help you decide which route is best for you to develop your skills. I have significant experience working with children and adolescents in the community mental health and private practice setting. My experience also led me to work with domestic violence survivors and facilitating psycho-therapy and skills-groups. 


I work from a developmental model in supervision and have a growth-oriented mindset for our work. My hope is to help you grow your confidence, clinical skills, and healthy dynamics for engaging in this work.

Call today to schedule a free 30-minute in-person consult! It's important to me that you find the best supervisor for your growth.

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