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Therapy Concern: What if things do not get better?

During my intake sessions, I have heard the concern about things not getting better while doing therapy. It is normal to have this concern. There can be a few reasons why things may not get better while doing therapy or feel like they are not getting better.

1.) You are not fully invested in the work.

-It is up to you to take what you learn in therapy and apply it outside of the therapy office. Sometimes you may be ready for that and other times you may not be. If you're not ready, then things will not change.

2.) The therapist and you are not a good fit.

-The person you meet with has to be a good fit for you. What I mean by that is that you feel safe and that you can trust the therapist you are meeting with. Trust can take a few sessions to build with the therapist, but you can also listen to your gut instinct. If you are finding it difficult to connect with your therapist, let them know and ask for a referral for a therapist that you think will be a better fit for you.

3.) In therapy, it can feel like things are getting worse in the beginning.

-The reason this happens is that as you start to share your concern and symptoms you start to focus and think about it more. It's hard to name the pain and hurt you have been holding on to. The hope is that as you start to share and unravel this, you will feel less alone as your therapist is holding it with you.

What are your thoughts about this concern? Have you had your own experience of things not getting better in therapy?

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