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50-minute sessions $130

I want to understand my child and why they

do the things that you do.

I don't want to parent the way my parents did with me. I want to be better for my children.

It seems like my child wants nothing to do with me. What am I doing wrong?

I want to feel connected with my children and have a relationship with them, not just be their caregiver.

If you find yourself saying any of the phrases above, parenting support is the right fit for you. The goal of parenting support is not to "fix" your child, the goal is to help you understand them and your relationship. We will work together to explore your own background of being parented and help you achieve the dream parenting style that you want. I will also provide you with skills to use to build a stronger connection with your children and have a relationship with them that is not just focused on meeting their basic needs. Let's chat more to see if parenting support is a fit for you.

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