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Rachel Elder

​Licensed Mental Health Counselor Trained In:

  • Lifespan Integration

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

  • Prepare and Enrich Trainer

  • Interpersonal Skills Trainer

  • Level 3 Gottman Methods Couple

  • Psycho-dynamically Trained

Online sessions are available.

Who I am.

Hi, I’m Rachel! 


I’m a Licensed Mental Health Counselor...but you might also call me a

relationship-builder, couples counselor, or marriage therapist.


What I do.

I help people who want to reignite the spark in their relationship but fear a bomb may go off instead because they have no idea where to even begin to fix the issues in their relationship. 


I guide couples to build stronger relationships so that they can create and live the life they envisioned from day one with their partner. 



I know from my own experience that creating the relationship you dream of is not as easy as the movies. It requires intention, commitment, belief that things can get better and a partner that wants to try with you.


It’s important for me to be real and honest with you because I am asking you to do the same with me. I’ll name where I fail as a therapist and as an individual in a relationship.

I’ll share how normal it is to struggle in your relationship because I know it first hand. I’ll validate how you feel and explore what needs to change in order to build trust and commitment in your relationship.


Just like you, I am human too, and I want you to know that the things you are dealing with can be transformed into your dream relationship.


Contact me today.

I believe that every relationship has a chance at being stronger. That’s why I hope you reach out to schedule a free 20-minute phone consult today. 

60-minute sessions $250

90-minute sessions $300

You and your spouse keep having the same fight

over and over again and you want it to end.

The intimacy you had at the beginning of your relationship has fizzled and you want that fire back. 

You want to start your marriage off strong and know you need tools to help you get there.

Trust has been broken and you are wondering if you're relationship can be rebuilt and survive.

You are unsure if you want to be with the person you chose to do life with. It's hard to imagine the life you are living will improve and you feel you are at a crossroads.

If you identify with any of the statements above, it is time to reach out and schedule your free 20-minute phone consultation. You can call me at 317-902-6359 or email me at I am focused on helping couples increase their communication, understand their conflict resolution styles, and create a marriage that is sustainable and satisfactory. I help couples see their strengths and challenges and discover ways to build stronger together. We will work together to create a strategy to work toward your defined goals and build a strong foundation for your marriage.  

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